2022 - Time Flies When Your Having Fun!

This blog serves two purposes. I've been asked to post the details of setting up the show on a day to day basis. It also functions like the oganizer in my pocket. The organizer holds my brains, so when my brain is not working, I can reach in to my brain and recall what ever it is I'm trying to remember. This blog does nearly the same thing. It also lets me know how much time I spend making the smiles when the "Lignts are On". If you find anything interesting that you would like me to expand on, just send an email. Sorry I don't do facebook.


1/02/22 - where the time goes is beyond me. Just beware if your thinking of retiring and that you'll have lots of time on you hands, your about to have a big let down!.
So now it's time for some catch up.

12/31/21 - Friday evening marked the end of this years Christmas Light Show. Light rain started falling early in the evening. With the pending snow storm coming I was left with no recourse but to start tearing some of the props down soon as 9:30 hit. Made surprising progress in 2 1/4 hours. Border lights, reindeer, cloth Frosty, mini trees, garage door, verticals,and snowflakes, penguins, mountain lights, red and green candy canes, north pole,

1/1/22 - Started again at 10:30am on New Years day. Spiral tree, Mega tree, Dancing trees, all controllers except for 1 in the entryway, all eves boards except south side and kitchen side, candy cane supports, snowman and blowers, rgb floods, mini tree wiring harnesses, power cords, signal cords, bedroom snowflakes, entryway snow flakes, entry way eves were tough as a light layer of ice was on the porch and roof and couldn't get on the roof as a result, even went so far as to screw down a 2x4 ladder slip preventer, tune to signs, candy cane twiller, presents, donation candy cane, donation sign and flood lights. Most everything is laying on the garage floor drying out before puttting away. Finished up about 5:00pm just as the heavy part of the snow was coming down. A light layer of ice was on the mega tree lights. Kathy helped with tear down of mega tree and dancing trees.

1/2/22 - Snowstorm wasn't as bad as predicted. 4" - .42 melted, was turned into CoCoRaHs.
Hardly any room to walk in the garage. Surprising a lot of drying as occured even though temp is below freezing. Pulled an achelleas heel muscle so walking a little gingerly today. Will go out and start labeling cables. Hopefully I'll remember what a lot of them are as it will be much easier come next fall to setup. My neighbor Mike came over and plowed out the remaining part of the driveway I hadn't done yet. Tx Mike!
RECAP of December shows. GFCI's were minimal even during the rain events we had. Just one night that the mini's were tripping constantly. Was unable to do any programming as still in between software releases. Frosty is still the hit of the shows.

2022 Todo's. Many from the 2021 Todo's that weren't completed!!!.

☐Find out how mice are getting in trailer.
☐Replace two bad tires on trailer.
☐Still need to remove bluetooth module and put laptop fuse in Lenovo so display will work again. Hopefully.
☐Order some new strobes and 5mm strobes when sales start.
☐Are we going to get the new Arches going this year? No.
☐Repair controllers that have bad triacs. mega blue#4, green#6 #7-15, 7-7. Replace #7 then replace the triacs.
☐Triacs #7 and #14(?) on green mega tree controller - consider replacing controller with new G3. After replacing use for 3rd color spiral tree.
☐New chicken wire bulbs for north and south end.
☐Add future blue c9 led strings so it's no longer a future project) to garage and south side??
☐Bad pixel on felix (upper left corner of mouth)
☐Put some stake holders in ground where penguins go to make setup easier since we have some scrap pvc - need caps.
☐Replace north pole rope lights with led rope light?? Colors with led rope might be better hopefully.
☐Should I consider changing Felix frame such that wind load can be reduced (ie. swinging frame)? No. Just add braces!
☐Need to finish conversion to S5 now a question??.
☐Replace Pine tree??? Remove and replace with smaller one?
☐Need wire labels for missing wires. Mini trees 12W or 13W & 15W - Snowflakes?
☐Still need to build new Snowflakes
☐North star needs to be rebuilt (held up pretty good for 10 years) Not lighting.
Old one has been rebuilt and needs to be added to spiral tree. Trying to decide if I like it. After the work put in to it I'm wondering if it might be taken as a negative on religion.
☐In process - Singing christmas tree sequence programming
☐In process - In process - Sequencing changes #4 to #5 and vice versa for red candy canes - entryway ☐snowflakes? - possibly spiral tree - now 32. Also check red / green tune to sign spots to controllers #32(red) #33(green - which doesn't exist yet - temp #34 blue)
☐Labeling of some wires such as #15-14,15 white minis - do a label check on everything plugged in.
☐Reminder that I still need to update website with pics.
☐RGB floods need to be documented
☐need to swap a couple short lines for long lines in spiral tree controller.
☐New Donation mailbox - build 2022?
☐Create the North Pole light / side sign extension.

2021 Todo's that are Done

☑Candy cane twiller done.
☑Setup train.
☑Noticed that #8 blue mini tree is not lighting (was unplugged at controller - not sure how didn't discover while testing.
☑Replaced two triacs on spare controller. Will substitute that for one of the mega tree problem controllers.
☑update controller documentation.
☑Got nervous with wind storms so I used a rope anchored to ground to help support Felix frame.

12/03/21 - Temps - 35, little wind.
☑Donation sign lights were put out. Temporarily sitting on the ground for tonight. Need to get them up and protect them from plows and shield the light from visitors.
☑Right Walnut/Oak tree finally.
☑Discovered that the roadside blue strings were not lighting. Fuse had blown. That's a first.

12/02/21 - Temps - 33, cold with wind.
☑Christmas Story, Night Before Christmas, and Twelve Days of Christmas webpages are not playing audio in newer browsers - research - html 5 related. Turns out they are working just not in my browser because I had autoplay turned off in settings. Even though I have html setup to not play automatically - it causes the play button in the controls applet appear to be missing.
☑Garage doors finally - had to redo the right side as the green was too long. Both side are the older crappy leds. Some have even rusted inside. Not exactly what I would call good for outdoors.
Started rebuilding the Candy cane twiller. Using rope lights instead of minis (can't find mini bulbs to match). Because the rope light is mfg with 24 bulbs per section, there is about 8" sticking out from each candy cane. I cut the plugs off the old strings and soldered them to the plugs that go into the led rope light. Wrapped with electrical tape. Managed to get 5 done.

12/01/21 -
☑Found a bulb for the missing Pine tree led.

11/30/21 - Temps - 35 so far tad windy. So where was I before the birthday party and search for ring.
☑Found some parts to rebuild the candy cane twiller. Kinda of in process.
☑South border lights near the mailbox had a missing bulb so that explains why the white string was out.
☑Red / Green pathway lights put out on 11/27.
☑Discovered that RGB flood light that was broken was probably from mfg defect. After I had Leonards cut a piece of glass I discovered that I had 4 single color floods built identically to the RGB ones. So I robbed the glass and the defected screws to fix.
☑Wrapped 5 dancing trees that someday might dance with red leds. Still need to find the blue strings. ☑Red / Green pathway lights.
☑Blue rgb penguin light plug in to #5-10.

11/26/21 - Temps - 27 and windy.
☑First time Frosty has accumulated ice. He's althoughed out now thanks to a ceramic heater under his rear end!
☑Replaced the Tune To lights with the correct r/g ones.
☑Made new brackets for the two r/g Thank You sign that were broken by the snowplow last year.
☑Front entryway snowflake light.
☑#10 RGB controller hooked up, tested and functional.
☑x-10 for south r/g eve lights now functional - put a new plug on since squirrel chewed it off last year.
☑Noticed blue mini tree is out
☑More website updating.

11/25/21 - Happy Thanksgiving!

11/24/21 - Temps 45ish - windy.

11/25/21 - Happy Thanksgiving!
☑Left Walnut tree
☑Pine tree lights put up. 14-12
☑Put out candy lollipop lights around frosty. 14-10
☑Plug Frosty in - 14-15 deflate 14-16 inflate.
☑Indoor decorations and lights.
☑Store halloween decorations
☑put out candy lollipop lights around frosty. Create doc after setting up. see existing pic on phone.
☑Donation candy cane needs to be put out. (Idea - put a hanging spot light on cane
   still getting feedback about hard to find slot)

11/23/21 - Temps 45ish - pleasant for working outside but was only able to work a couple of hours outside.
☑Finish hanging north and south border lights. ☑Blowup frosty is set and functional. Took new pictures so it's easier to setup next year. ☑Changed LOR Preview to eliminate channel conflicts - have an uneasy feeling about S5 converson and functionality. There's a lot of code change and new functionality that affects how sequences are coded.

11/22/21 - Temps 35ish and windy.
☑Check and edit controller channels on 32/33
☑Put controller id labels on 15-18 and 7 & 8. ☑Testing.
☑Mailbox cover.
☑test controllers 18 (power cord came loose) 7, 8, (21, 22, 23, 24) need signal wire
☑Ran new high speed rs485 network cable to rgb flood controller, then to Felix the singing Christmas tree, and then on to arch controllers.
☑run second network signal cable for high speed rgb devices
☑Run signaling cable to all controllers
☑Run power cables to all controllers
☑Change controller ids on Mega tree controllers from Halloween to Christmas id's. Get out house eve light boards.
☑Layout the pine tree harness and connect to controller #14
☑Moved the south Tune To sign in front of bushes/trees.
☑North Tune To sign r/g lights need to be plugged in. Put red light on red spiral tree controller and green on green spiral controller.
☑changed channel on Spiral tree from 31 to 32
☑connected blue spiral tree strobes
☑Testing of ALL lights. 99% good.
☑RS-485 cat5 cable from #2 to #7-8 needs new modular jack. replaced with new cat5 wire.
☑ Power cords for south border lights checked and laid out.

11/21/21 - Temps 43-47 today would have been ideal for working outside. However family intervention prevented it.
reloaded linklight drivers ell as ☑Plugged in a number of props. Just finished some testing. 01,02,04,05,13,15,16,17,42 looking good. Following need are missing or need checking - Left garage strobe missing, garage doors, entry way snowflakes, 18 (blue minis non functional), nothing on 7 or 8.
42 spiral looks good. Whats 33? Going to have to plug into 18 to see what's happening, assuming red light is on. ☑Hang Bedroom snowflake/strobe harness and flakes.

☑Hang vertical bedroom lights.

11/18/21 - Cold and windy. 35-37.
☑Plugged in the oak tree tower lights.
☑Setup indoor Christmas tree after moving recliner.
☑Hung indoor lights in arches and windows.
☑Hung indoor and outdoor front door / stain glass window christmas covers.
☑Finished backup of Lenovo - need to install LOR on new HP laptop computer and transfer (?) vm guest to it (maybe - possibility that LOR won't run on xp mode vm based on preliminary research).
☑Put wire labels on red / green candy cane harnesses.
☑x-10 for north r/g eve lights.

11/17/21 - Nice weather this morning. 54. Some rain has been falling since 12 or so. Temp reached a high of 58.9 so far today.
☑Tested four of the six c9 oak/walnut tree tower lights.
☑All four of the southerly light towers on oak trees are now up.
☑Repaired and strung north w/r/g/b border light wires that mice chewed over summer.
☑Singing trees wire harnesses red / blue for 2021 completed and strung out. Need to plug in when I figure which controller is which after testing and labeling.
☑Put out entrywayt frosty the snowman. Had to move stake since I put it in wrong place. Has to be lined up with edge of bedroom wall.
☑Placed R/G/B floods. Glass was cracked on one so I removed cover and will pick up a replacement glass.
☑Blew leaves out of yard last night.
☑Ran RS485 signal wire to #7/8, RGB flood controller, #4 controller.

11/14/21 - Some rain and snow today. Temp around 35.

☑Reindeer white on #7-8 needs checking.
☑Green candy cane (closest to road) not lighting.
☑Put out red candy canes.
☑Put out green candy canes.
☑Create new north pole wiring w/labels.
☑Create new reindeer wire w/labels.
☑Create new LakeVictoriaLights sign wire w/labels.
☑Blue penguin mountain lights.

11/12/21 - Crud is still with me. Rain today and much colder.

☑unboxed and setup the remaining two dancing trees
☑Update Lightfinder / Bonners / etc.

11/11/21 - Well the crud is still in me but making progress.

Weather is decent about 50+ - some wind but out of east.
☑Garage snowflakes.
☑Spiral tree controller set and hooked up.
☑Trailer swept and mouse? urine spot cleaned off floor.
☑Pulled the 2 new dancing trees (that I didn't get set up last year) out of trailer
☑the old (3) Dancing (not) trees setup using rerods this year (lets see the wind knock them over this year).
☑Christmas presents need a hold punched in ground for support.
☑Kathys side of garage emptied after storing chop saw and power washer - get remaining wire off floor and car can go back in.
☑Rain started about 2:30 so zonked out the rest of the day.

11/10/21 - Well the crud is still in me but Thanks to our daughter and grandkids made some progress on setup.

Weather is decent about 60.
☑Get the rest of the eve boards down and test lights
☑Change out the orange / purple led c9 bulbs for the red / blue on the front eves. ☑Place flag markers for mini trees and mega tree setup.
☑Vertical tree hoist project??
☑Garage vertical lights.
☑Mega tree star plugged in.
☑Spiral tree.
☑Blue spiral tree strobes.
☑North Tune to light.
☑Fix reindeer lights and put out.
☑Rebuild spiral head hook for next year.
☑Need to create the Spiral tree support loop.
☑Spiral tree light strobes and light strands need to be put up.
☑Mini tree controller pigtails need to be supported above ground.
☑Put out the Candy cane twiller
☑cut 10' - 1/2" rebar into 30" pieces for dancing trees that don't dance
☑place dancing trees in line with tune to sign starting at 4' and every 3' thereafter towards driveway
☑place christmas presents 2' from tune to sign (ie. half way between tuneto and dancing trees)
☑Mega tree tpwer was a major issue this afternoon.
☑Mega tree lights all plugged in and ready to test.
☑Completed setup of mini trees by wrapping mini shock cord around wires and pulling up inside of tree to keep off ground.
Had excess wire/lights left over at base. Came to the conclusion that maybe I forgot to put the pin inside the base which allowed the 20' NG pipe to sink into ground because of weight. Bought some hd muffler clamps and with a piece of pipe and hydraulic jack raised it back up about 8". Need t Pulley arrangement for pulling mega tree pole up/down. Maybe not. Last year Was able to pull up (barely) by myself after three tries with pole resting on ladder.
Need to redesign / recalculate height so as to keep from wrapping lights at ring. Ring needs to have markers for where wrgb strings need to be placed.,

11/2/21 - 11:00am - Sun is shining - Clear and cold - 41°. No snow here. Been fighting a sore throat the last two days. Ironically that I have a sore throat since Jacqui and family were here Saturday (who used up a lot of my kleenex while here - she went and had a covid test that was negative).

99% of the Halloween decorations have been stored which took about 2 hours. Spent an 1 hour doing website updates. Side yards mowed.
☑Dug out the mega tree base ring from the weeds and placed that in it's approximate position. Likewise the mega tree center pole.
☑Located the swirling tree center pole that was in the weeds and placed that next to the base that I had left up from last year.
☑Retrieved mega tree and spiral tree storage boxes containing anchors, rope, etc from trailer
☑Get some of the remaining eve boards down from rafters, test and check light tightness, and hang boards (still some to hang tomorrow).

11/01/21 - Talking Pumpkins have been taken off hay bales. Scarecrow is down. Spider web is down. Nothing left but to haul the hay bales across the street. And wait till tomorrow with the hopes that everything is dry so everything can be put in its storage place. Mowed the front lawn last night. Coiled up the 16 strand harness from the Halloween sunging pumpkin patch

10/31/21 - Halloween is over. Kinda of a bummer. Took down most everything last night - cemetary, ghosts, pumpkin patch, hay bale pumpkins, Jack and Sally, pumpkin tower. Everything is in garage drying before putting away till next year.

10/1/21 - We set a record for getting the Halloween Light show setup. Pleasant weather was a big plus.

Started bringing equipment out of storage on Friday. By the end of Saturday, most everything was completed. Just more wiring is / was needed to be done. Nearly all of it was finished today. Thanks to my daughter, son-in-law and grandkids.

Pretty much ready to go.

3/7/21 & 3/8/31 - Now that it's warmed up and most of the snow is gone we can finish taking down the rest of the xmas lights and equipment. The mega tree came down today along with the oak tree tower lights. Controllers are in the garage awaiting to be put in the trailer tomorrow the last of our 3 day spell of 60+ temps. The idea of using the oak tree to act as an anchor for a pulley and lower the mega tree pole pulley was almost a complete success. The last 10' proved to be a little challenging. Had I remembered to put the saw horse out so as to act as a resting place, it would have allowed the pole to come to a rest slowly rather than a little abruptly. I think the angle from the tree had a bearing on that. I should weigh this pole as I'm guessing it's 60lbs or so. Over the two days I also completed more documention including dimensions of where everywhere needs to go. I will create some PDF's in the next day or two so I don't lose them. Last remaining task is to take everything out of the garage and move into the trailer tomorrow. Hopefully the rains won't stop that from happening. Still need to complete some of the organization of the remaining xmas lights on the basement floor.

3/5/21 - Cranked up the new singing tree - controller #11 just to make sure it was still working.

1/26/21 - Putting identification tags on varioius coils of wire. ie. Pine tree. Power cords to #7/8. Power cords to North Pole. Power cord #16ga to www.lvxmas sign. Coiled up the Rs-485 signal cat-5 for #2 to #7-8 and #7-8 to #42-32. Pulled 4x4 post used for www.lakevictorialight sign. Pulled north pole support post. (need to find pvc cap)

1/25/21 - Took down Pine tree miniture lights.

1/24/21 - removed the #7 & #8 & #32/33(42/43) controllers. Need to change controller ids for next year (and sequences).

1/21/21 - Coiled up the 4 16-wire mini tree harnesses.

1/10/21 - Nothing except football playoffs.

1/09/21 - Temp 23-26. Pulled the red and green candy canes harnesses out of the ground. Unplugged #13 and #14 wires. Border lights taken down. Stored everything on garage floor in garage attic/rafters and trailer. 5 hours total. Forgot a pair of spot lights still out.

1/08/21 - Temp cold 17-28. All roof eve boards C9's and Icicles have been taken down. All misc house lights, snowflakes, verticals have been taken down. The south walnut trees tower lights have been taken down. Spiral tree taken down. 5 hours total off and on.

1/07/21 - Temp was about 36 most of the afternoon. All roof eve boards C9's and Icicles have been taken down. All misc house lights, snowflakes, verticals have been taken down. The south walnut trees tower lights have been taken down. Spiral tree taken down. 5 hours total off and on.

1/06/21 - Met with L. Culpepper so I could turn over the collected food bank proceeds. Updated the donor page as a result. Today I was able to get all the led strings down from the mega tree. The candy cane has been removed from the mail box post, the dancing trees have been taken down, the reindeer were removed, with all items sitting in the garage waiting to deice and melt. 2.5 hours spent.

1/05/21 - Once again time flie by in a hurry. Started tear down. Candy canes, Mini trees, Mr. Snowman, TuneTo signs, North Pole, Presents, Frosty, Candy Cane twiller all in garage drying. Took a shovel and blower to clean out under the Mega tree and mini trees. Modified website main page language as well. 2 hours spent.

12/20/20 - 2030 Lines have went down so I put the long program back in - about 35 minutes. Changing website as well.

12/20/20 - 1900 Temps=35. Lines are pretty long so I have to shorten the program for a little while. Presently 7:00pm. Changing website as well.

12/19/20- Temps=35. Sorry to those who might be reading this. 1st time I've had to shorten the program due to all of the traffic. About 1/2 the usual program. I will most likely put the full show into production about 9:00pm. Updating the main webpage to reflect this as well.

12/17/20- Still cold 28-30. Snowman has been up and running since the 5th. Spent the week fine tuning the timing on Frosty inflating and deflating in between songs. If been getting a lot of postive feedback. It's kinda of funny when I'm passing out candy canes and I hear laughing in the cars. Still trying to get back to syncing Bob Rivers song - Decorations. The RGB floods are also setup and functioning. Not sure I like the yellow rgb color. After trying to get Felix the singing tree going along with a support email to LOR which I will add was answered very poorly. Actually irritated me. The 1st time in 12 years I've actually asked them for some software support and I get what I deem to be a crappy response!!! In their defense, they've been really good when it comes to hardware issues. I'm sure they're getting bombarded with calls though. So I'm on about to start a major issue of upgrading software. A task that really scares me. I can't make a decision which release to move up to. V4 or V5. I've also decided I want to get Rudy up and going. I'll make him sync to the voice overs. Traffic has been pretty heavy on the weekends. Almost scary in fact. Really get nervous when I see a car that's not traveling at a speed that I deem cautious. Spent a couple of hours today trying to fix one of the twirling candy canes. I can't tell you how bad I hate mini lights now. Bulbs are holding up well. I only see 2 C-9's that are out.

12/05/20- Last few days been about 36-40. Quite a few visitors last night. 12 cars at one point. Frosty has been moved out to the yard and staked down. The Jenn-Air grill blower blows him up in no time. Need to finish sequencing. Been using a tarp to cover the air movers until some development of a method to keep water and snow from getting things wet. Also been working on the Felix singing tree sequence which is using Bob Rivers song Decorations. The sequence editor and visiualizer showed it being really great. Unfortunately when I moved it out to the yard, it wasn't even lighting. So after another 2 couple of hours of trying to find some documentation and reading forum postings I've been able to make some headway. It's very labor intensive using the old LOR version 2.x software. I really need to start using 3 or 4 or 5. The RGB floods are also needed because Mr. Frosty requires a yellow one.

11/30/20- Cold yesterday - 35ish. Few visitors last night. Curiosity is wondering if there is a way to count them. Frosty protype seems to be functioning. Going to set him up in the yard shortly. Also on the agenda is to hookup the Singing tree controller. The RGB floods are also on the priority list. Add a single c7 to south side roof eves since led's are glowing when off.

11/29/20- Got home at 5:32. Just in time to plug in the north side controllers one of which need fixing since it has a bad triac(s) thats preventing the tune to sign from turning off. Also had to unplug the #9 green mega tree strand as it was also staying on constantly. Worked on Frosty late yesterday. Also the South Tune to sign had broken off the stand. Put some new black nylon ties. Need to remember to take my mask with me when handing out candy canes.

11/28/20- Time to play catch up with the blog. Amazing how fast time flies. As expected it's cold out. But not as cold as it could be! Been running in the low to mid 40's. Last night was show time! Pretty much went without a hitch. Was scrambling at the very last minute, and was actually about a minute late. Had more cars than expected for the first night. Passed out some candy canes. Problems encountered were....right side garage door lights would not light due to broken wires and bulbs. Must have accidentally stepped on them last January when taking them down. Forgot to put out North tune to lights. Problems with mini tree GFCI's tripping. Changed power sources around to better isolate them. Forgot to notice if the green was working as expected. Will check tonight. A couple of C9's are out. Of course they're way up the trees where I can't reach them. Still need to get to new star (needs welding) up on the Spiral tree, Frosty, the new 5 pack of trees, singing tree, and arches. Oh. The antenna Bethleham star needs to be rebuilt. Entered the St Johns Christmas decorating contest today. Received the balloting/voting info for the Laingsburg Decorating Contest sponsored by the LBCA. SHould have had the donation candy cane up sooner. Noticed that someone still had problems winding out where to deposit contribution.

11/21/20- Time to play catch up with the blog. Amazing how fast time flies. The last couple of days it's been about 60. While waiting for the winds to subside I cleaned up the garage, brought the mega tree lights over from the trailer, put the remaining halloween lights in the trailer. I was hoping to string the lights on the mega tree saturday but it was just too windy. Winds finally subsided yesterday about 3pm just in time for my daugher and grand kids to arrive. We managed to get all of the mini trees hooked up as well as stringing of the mega tree. After they left last night, I finished plugging in the 64 strands of led lights, and completed testing. I noticed when I went to bed a couple of strands were very dimly lit due to the old controller technology allowing enough leakage current to light them. Had a problem with #16 red on the mini tree not lighting and I ended up spending a half hour before I was finally able to fix that. Vampire plugs have their pros and cons. Ended up the one of the piercing prongs was partially bent over and making intermittent contact. Next issue was that of #7 controller. Forgot that I had changed the controller id for the Halloween show to #4. So I now see how of the past years controller id's. Also had to reprogram the mini tree and mega tree controller id's due to halloween. Next phase of making life easier is change the halloween sequences to make use of the christmas light controller ids' so I don't have to keep modifying the controller id's every year. Issues to remedy. When testing reindeer, lights and testing checked out initially but then lost them. Red nose was ok though. Plugged them into a differenct channel and they came on. So maybe #7-8 is a problem. Need to plug entryway snowman and snowflakes into controller. Possibility of having to move snowflakes to #5. Border lights have been untangled and laid out on the lawn waiting to hang.

11/20/20- Laid out the border untangled and laid out the border lights. Put the penguins up. Put out the green candy canes.

11/19/20- Hung garage wreath. Put out red candy canes. Did inside decorating. Christmas tree. Lights. etc. Ordered some new bulbs for snowflakes since it appears about 20 or so might have failed.

11/18/20- Been hard working outside the last couple of days as it's been cold - low 40's. Extremely windy - like gusting to 45mph. Glad the mega tree lights were not up. They would have survived but I worry a bit about the stress on the strands.

11/xx/20- Somewhere in this data gap I hung the vertical lights.Laid out the border stakes. The last couple of fake facia boards were hung on the north and south sides. Had to temporarily pull the north #34 controller as I needed to make room for the tree guy to get the bucket down the hill for removing a tree ready to fall into the house. Hung the snow flakes. Icycle lights.

Put up the walnut/oak tree c9 towers.

11/5/20- Todays temps were hovering around 60. Cloudy. A little windy but still beats 40 degrees. Just finished putting up the spiral tree and mega tree structures today. Just in time as it's starting to get dark. My neighbor Frank was walking by so I had him take a video of me pulling up the mega tree. I'll try to get it posted tonight. Didn't have a good angle on it this year so it took three tries before my weight could get it up. Rethinking putting C9 blue led strings on south and north fake facia boards. Vertical tree hoist project?? Snowman Inflatable??

11/4/20- Todays temps were nearly 70. Tested and put up most of the eve fake facia boards with the rgb c9 leds. Staked out the locations of the mini trees and mega tree anchors. Tomorrows todos. Spiral tree and mega tree towers. C9 blue led strings on south and north fake facia boards Vertical tree hoist project?? Snowman Inflatable??

11/3/20- Todays temps were in the low 60's. So much more enjoyable working outside when its warmer. Unplugged the 16 strand harness from the Halloween sunging pumpkin patch so I could mow the lawn and weedwhip areas that grass height would be a hinderance to setup tasks. Dug out the mega tree base ring from the weeds and placed that in it's approximate position. Likewise the mega tree center pole. Also located the swirling tree center pole that was in the weeds and placed that next to the base that I had left up from last year. I also changed out the orange / purple led c9 bulbs for the red / blue on the front eves. Done for today. Total time about 3.5 hours. Plus about an hour updating this blog and Lake Victoria Christmas Light website. Tomorrow Todo's. Place flag markers for mini trees and mega tree setup. Change controller ids on Mega tree controllers from Halloween to Christmas id's. Get out house eve lgiht boards. Add future blue c9 led strings so it's no longer a future project) to garage and south side?? Vertical tree hoist project?? Snowman Inflatable??

10/31/20- It's really amazing that I can take down the entire Halloween show in 40 minutes. The weather was great. Like fiftyish as I recall. There was some rain forecast overnight which in fact did produce about .06 inches. So I was glad. That way everything can be put away without waiting for it to dry out.

10/14/20- Phil (Ovid Iron and Metal) brought a bus load of kids from Ovid over to view the Halloween show this evening>

10/14/20- Put the orange bulbs in the front pathway lights. Put the ghosts back out this morning because I brought them in due to the high winds and storm last night.>

10/13/20- Weather has been great! 65-73 for over a week. Halloween show has been up and running since Thursday, a couple of issues with web lights and trapazoid indoor window lights still exist.

10/06/20- Grand kiddo's are here so todays todo's are putting up the pumpkin patch.

10/10/20- Lion duty calls. Install handicap ramp on Grandriver ave.

10/06/20- Finish boat lift modifications so docks and boat lift can be pulled

10/06/20- place anchor stakes and mount controllers

10/06/20- layout ghost stakes and mount ghosts

10/06/20- picked up hay bales and corn stalks from lee farms

10/05/20- pumpkins out of attic

10/05/20- layout pumpkin patch stakes for kiddos

10/05/20- put up scarecrow

10/05/20- Finish boat lift modifications are done but brainstorm needs some work

10/04/20- Now that garage is empty - Started removing controllers and misc halloween stuff from trailer

10/03/20- Put boat and car in storage

10/01/20- x-President Trump infected with Covid-19

4/09/20- Governor Gretchen Executive Order 2020-42

4/03/20- Governor Gretchen Executive Order 2020-31

4/02/20- Thursday -Worked on putting the odds and ends away that have been laying around the garage since December. Just when I think I'm done I find a few more.

4/01/20- Wednesday -April Fools day. Coronovirus aka Covid-19 is no fool though. Just when I think I'm done I find a few more.

-Halloween Todo List for 2022

Finish sequences (need channel changes) Christmas Can Can sequence and Time Warp Get Halloween containers down from attic
Get hay bales and corn stalks from Larry
   unload and place
   run power cords
   run cat5 signal cable
   test channels
   document controllers with magic marker pens - currently outdated
 Clean/paint/test/hang Mr. Pumpkin face
 Nightmare purple tree
Cemetary tombstones (need dedicated wiring for 2022)
Green ghosts
Green ghost lights - user RGB lights in 2022 - sequence changes from #14 to #???
Boo Sign
Tune to signs
FM transmitter hookup/test
Backup FM transmitter hookup/test
Hang spider web
Put up inside trapazoid window lights, witch, dracula
Bring up Dracula and Witch from basement for loft
test sequences

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