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So what's there to do while waiting to set up the Christmas Light show. Setting up of the Halloween Light show of course. There is a method to the madness though. By setting up the Halloween display it offers the opportunity to get the electronics and wiring in place for the Christmas Light show. Hopefully while the weather is still somewhat warm. It also allows for testing the fm transmitter, software and hardware used for the light show displays.

UPDATE - 10/14/2022.

As of the 13th, the 2022 Halloween light show is up and running! Remember that if it's raining out, there could be issues with my GFCI's tripping and some lights not coming on as they should. This doesn't happen as much with the Halloween show as compared to the Christmas Light show though. But as example due to the storms last night and the forecasted winds I removed the flying ghosts from the yard. Didn't want them flying into Shiawassee County.

This will be the Halloween shows 10th year. The question, "What is new this year". Will the spider climb up and down the water spout? (You never know). Will huge spiders and glowing spider webs freak you out! You never know! The Grimm Grinning Ghost might appear. Or will the witches of Hocus Pocus make their debut? The Halloween Show is definitly small when compared to the Christmas Light show. But still fun to watch. Based on visitors opinions and of course my daughter - Jacqui, and grandchildren - Athena and Xander! Whose help is much appreciated!

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