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Happy New Year! Christmas has once again passed. The Light shows have officially come to an end for the season. Thanks to all that have come to visit. And a big Thank You to all that have contributed to support the Laingsburg Food Bank. I will now start taking the lights and props down as they dry out from last nights rain. Thanks again for coming! Dave and Kathy.
Do you love Halloween and/or Christmas lights?

Do you want to see the lights flash in synchronization to the music?

If the answers to these questions are yes, than you might want to put the kids (or dogs) in the car some evening and drive to the east side of Lake Victoria, as I'm sure you will love them. Tune your FM radio to 100.1 just before you get here as this is the radio station frequency that is transmitting the music which the lights are synchronized to.

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Tune to FM 100.1 for the synchronized music broadcast
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Added a new song on 12/15/2022, Decorations by Bob Rivers. Felix the singing Christmas tree will do the vocals on Bob's behalf!

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Show Location

We are located at Lake Victoria in the Highland Hills subdivision whose address is    6768 Highland Dr, Laingsburg, MI which is just over a mile north of Laingsburg. Click the Directions link button on the left of this page if you need further help. Tune your FM radio to 100.1 prior to your approach.

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I want to give you a HEADS UP!!! Since the Christmas Light show started in 2008, 2019 was the worst year for light show reliabilty. We had major rain events. Needless to say GFCI circuit breakers were tripping constantly. I know many of you drive miles and miles with the expectation of seeing the light show. So please keep this in mind if it's been raining much.

There's nothing I can do about this possibility as I will continue to use GFCI's with the hope that they will function if needed, in order to keep me from being electrocuted when I'm supervising the show. I do try to keep the status of the Light Show on this main page updated when I'm able.

Christmas Show Hours:

Christmas Light shows will be begin Friday evening the day after Thanksgiving and continue thru the New Year.
Tune to 100.1 fm to listen to the show.

The Shows start at 5:30pm Sun-Sat
Shows end at 9:30 pm Sunday thru Thursday
Shows end approximately 10:30pm Friday and Saturday

Rain can cause problems with lights and may cause intermittent operation and/or their shutdown as a result.

Display basics

The Christmas light display for 2022 will have approximately 27,000 lights (I haven't updated my spreadsheet in a while).  Nearly all of our lights are energy saving leds and consist of a combination of C-9's, C-7's, M-5's, and M-6's. A conversion of incandescent mini and C7/C9 type lights to LEDs started in 2010 and is for all practical purposes has been completed. I still have a few exceptions. This has resulted in a 90% reduction in the amount of energy consumed. The mega tree was reconstructed in 2019 and reduced from 24' to 23'. This makes it much safer to erect. There is a 10' Spiral tree, 16 mini trees, reindeer, presents, candy cane twirler, as well as lights in trees and on and around the house. The relatively new Talking Christmas tree still needs to be added into some of the xmas sequences for it to function. A few new additions are still in the works.

But even with all of these lights there are not as many as National Lampoons Christmas Vacation nor can you see it from outer space like the movie Deck the Halls. Select the FAQ button on the left for additional info.


We hope you enjoy the show!

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There are days until the Christmas 2023
light show starts!

There are days until Christmas!

The Holloween Lights turn on approximately
October 7, 2023
and that's only days away!
There are days until Halloween!

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